Friday, October 27, 2017

Nature Transformed at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening at the Blue Whole Gallery

"Out of the Woods"

       To celebrate the Fall / Harvest Season, the Blue Whole Galley, an artists cooperative for twenty years, will present a group show titled "Out of the Woods" during the month of November.  The exhibit's title expresses the connection of fine art to humble earth source materials and the transformations that result due to human imagination and skill.
     The exhibit will show examples of flower and fauna as well as beautiful landscapes that reflect natural objects found in the woods. These representations by several Gallery member artists will take place on First Friday, November 3 from 5 to 8 pm. and will be presented throughout the month of November.  Samples of these works are shown below.

"Forest Light with Gold Leaf" by Priscilla Patterson

"Which Way Did She Go" by Nancy Lawrence

"Storm's Coming" by Lynne Armstrong

   The bounty found in the woods for artists to use and transform into creative works of art come from a cornucopia of materials which allow artist to be creative and imaginative.  Such works can be abstract or realistic as seen below. 

"Dedication - Keeping little bodies Plump" by Joyce DeCastro Volmut

"Leaving Time" by Bridget Baker

Aquamarine Crystalline Vase by Greg Felando

"Trees Grown Together" by Carol Janda

     This group show titled "Out of the Woods" will be presented by Gallery member artists Nancy Lawrence & Greg Felando along with assistance from Bridget Baker, Lucinda Hayes & David Tinsley.  Their efforts will showcase the rich variety of art with contrasting styles and media that show the continuity of earth sourced materials (minerals, wood, fiber, paper, metal, clay etc.) and how the artist transforms these elements into meaningful works of arts.  This exhibit will be shown at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday November 3, 2017 from 5 to 8pm. and throughout the month. 

A Noteworthy Date to Consider !

    A Gala Open House at the Blue Whole Gallery takes place on Friday November 17, from 5-8pm.  A free event to all with refreshments, a surprise and a great Holiday Gift Selection at the Gallery.

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