Friday, September 29, 2017

Artistic Details Revealed at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening at the Blue Whole Gallery

Natural Shapes & Man-made Objects

      Its all in the Details, one can say, when the Blue Whole Gallery presents the paintings of Priscilla Patterson and the photography of Katherine Loveland.     Both artists share a similar focus as they incorporate details that make their work stand out. 
     For Priscilla, watercolors & oil are the mediums of choice giving her the opportunity to incorporate nature in the viewing of man-made objects, but also picturing wildlife & landscapes as well.  While Katherine uses photography to portray familiar objects as an unfamiliar alternative universe that shows rhythm and shape. Take advantage of this opportunity to see shapes and objects transformed and visit with the artists and view their work at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday October 6, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm and throughout the month. 

     Priscilla Patterson sees shapes and values as a challenge in painting the intricacies of objects whether they be part of Nature or the inspiring images of transportation vehicles such as aircraft, cars, or fishing vessels. Her free spirit allows her to capture the moment as it appeared, seen in the selections below.

"Point Robinson Lighthouse,  Vashon Island"

"In Town for Awhile"

"Autumn Clouds Tongue Point, Astoria"

     Yet Priscilla has also mastered elements of still-life and uses details to enhance the overall image she is portraying whether it be a familiar setting or a story being told by what is pictured.  Samples are seen below

"Crystal Vases"

     Priscilla Patterson hopes that her paintings reveal to the viewer a story that can be felt and appreciated. Please take advantage by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery to talk to the artist and see her art work that captures the elements of realism and diversity on First Friday October 6, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm. at the Gallery.

     Katherine Loveland is fascinated by the abstract in nature and in inorganic objects.  This allows her as a photographer to display familiar objects as unfamiliar, and give them new perspective and quality that can be enjoyed and appreciated anew. Examples of this "alternative universe" of "Rhythm and Shape" can be seen below. 

Triptych Set "G-Echoes"

"Waves of Wood"

"Triptych Set "H-Rhythm"
      Katherine is a photographer who enjoys revealing variations of shapes, textures and colors that she sees in nature.  Her work gives the viewer an opportunity to look at details within objects that form patterns that are visually different and unexpected.  Such photographic views are forms of sculpture as seen below. 


     Enjoy this exploration and involvement that Katherine Loveland wants you to share and appreciate the visual beauty within Natures Realm of Rhythm and Shapes. Visit the Blue Whole Gallery to view her artwork and meet the artist on First Friday October 6th from 5 to 8 pm. at the Gallery.

The Artists welcome your contact including interviews!

Priscilla Patterson
or Phone: 1-360-477-4195

Katherine Loveland
or Phone: 1-360-683-8288

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