Saturday, March 28, 2015

Diverse Multidimentional Artists

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Multidimensional Art

     With the coming of April the Blue Whole Gallery presents two of its members whose work and approach to art extends into many directions.  This  versatility helps artists Janine Hegy and Carol Janda present their view of the natural world.  Janine works in stone metal wood and loves these natural elements as she sculptures them into new shapes and forms.  Carol Janda is inspired by clay and the medium of watercolor to help her capture elements in nature she truly is fond of and appreciates. Both of these artists share similiar interest but take different paths to express their artistic point of view.  Share in the exploration of these two artists by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday, April 3 from 5 to 8 pm and throughout the month. 

Janine Hegy Flying High over the Olympic Peninsula


Old Growth Cedar and Stone Curved Bench
   A jeweler, carver, builder, Janine Hegy loves to work with natural elements allowing her hands to become tools to transform these materials into objects of use and beauty. Seeing the natural curved lines in split Cedar, Madrone or Yew wood helps Janine to visualize their artistic potential as seen in this bench.  Using stone either as supports or embedded accents helps focus on the natural shapes found in the wood's unique grain.
Turquoise stone embedded into a Hall Table 5ft. long 30" tall.

   Expanding her artistic skills Janine also ventures into the world of sandblasting with images cut into stone showing natural elements such as shells, leaves or animals. Note: Artwork provided by client for custom bath tiles.
Project in the Making
Leaves and Shells carved into stone

Black Seahorse Sandblasted Stone Tile

"Dreams of Flying"

  As a multidimensional artist, Janine expands her abilities by following different approaches, using her skills to draw out creative ideas from her mind. This can be seen in her efforts to take an event she has experienced, then sandblasting and painting it on a stone plaque. This is the case with her flight over the Olympic Peninsula in a biplane.  Whether indoors or out the poetry of natural elements have a magnetism.  This grows and expands when placed in context, as seen here in this extraordinary staircase!

Stone Stairway

"Burst" (etched silver pendant)

 Taking such a multidimentional approach to art allows Janine to even go further to multi-media. Making jewelry from various stones and metals which she combines to enhance those elements.  It is a great exploration by Janine Hegy which involves multi tasking and creativity. Visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday April 3 from 5 to 8 pm where this and many items will be presented for the public to enjoy and appreciate. 

Carol Janda

Carol Janda working in her studio

    Carol Janda is a versatile artist working in both watercolor and pottery in addition to teaching such skills to others. Her clay sculptures and utilitarian stoneware encompass press-molded dragonflies, pine cones, sea life and leaf & rose-edge bowls and vases.  Her variety of shapes and forms allow her to explore her sense of artistic views that centers on capturing the elements in nature that surround her.  The following examples reveal her skills and diversity in approach.

Square Dragonfly and Pine Cone Vases

     Carol loves to sculpture figures in clay that reveal personalities, flowing shapes and interaction with the natural world.  Again this demonstrates her ability to strike out and challenge the medium of clay to show different approaches one can achieve.  Its her involvement with creation at every stage that allows her to exhibit her skills and interests to others in the art world.

"Ready for the Rain"

"Sun Hat Ladies Vase"

"Two Bird Ladies"
     As a painter Carol's repertoire is further expanded by using watercolors and even oil monotypes which again challenges her skills to examine other aspects of the art.  These creative forces bring out her ideas and gives her the diversity she enjoys exploring.  Oil monotypes is a perfect example where Carol has learned to employ a process of painting on a Plexiglas plate with oil-based inks then adding found objects, stencils or organic material while transferring the image to paper.  Exploration of multi-directions brings out her diversity and creativity as Carol's work shows.

"Rock Creek"

"View Thru the Trees"
     Carol Janda is challenged by different mediums of art and how they offer the artist diverse directions and approaches.  Her art work yet has a singular perspective that comes from viewing the beauty that Nature offers and how it can be interpreted and portrayed.   Share Carol's involvement into the Arts by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday April 3 from 5 to 8 pm where she and her work will be presented. 

The Artists welcome your contact including interviews.

Janine Hegy
Home phone:  1-360-477-5885

Carol Janda

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nature as Teacher

Evening view of the Blue Whole Gallery

"Shadows & Reflections"

    The Blue Whole Gallery looks forward to showcasing its guest artist, Barbara De Pirro, for the month of March with an exhibit of her artwork entitled "Shadows & Reflections".   A painter, sculptor, installation artist as well as an educator, Barbara looks upon Nature as a open door that invites the artist to combine various elements of color, surface texture and mediums.  With her expertise in acrylics, she stretches and expands the use of different elements so that what is created can be seen anew in an artistic format.  Take part in this exploration and view the artwork of  Barbara De Pirro as seen here and at the Blue Whole Gallery on March 6th, 2015 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month.    

Barbara De Pirro working on an installation of her work.

    Using her expertise in acrylics, Barbara expands her range by incorporating reclaimed materials of plastic, paper and thread by cutting, shaping, sticking and weaving these elements together creating shapes and forms different from their original existence and use.  Her art work aims to make people think and reflect on their relationship with the environment and their attitude towards reclaimed materials.   







    Much of Barbara De Pirro's art is composed of recyclables that she transforms into organic forms. These transformations expands her palette and incorporates multiple mediums and techniques.  She also explores the printed image revealing textures and patterns by transferring images without a press, using water based medium, acrylic paints & slow drying methods. The results are seen here.

       What a refreshing world of art Barbara De Pirro offers the viewer.  It is an adventure into diversity that allows an artist varied techniques using textile, fiber, paper, found objects and acrylic paint expanding the realm of creativity.  Share in this exploration of "Shadows & Reflections" in art revealing the artist's message.  Visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday March 6 from 5 to 8 pm. where Barbara De Pirro & her artwork will be presented.

The Artist welcomes your contact including interviews.

Barbara De Pirro

Art Talk 
open to the public 
by Barbara De Pirro 
will take place on Wednesday, March 25, at 6:30 pm. 
at the Blue Whole Gallery 129 W. Washington St., Sequim

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Recogniton of artistic skills.

A Must See Art Show

   The 2015 Annual Washington State Juried Art Competition and Show runs from January 28 - February 28 at the Collective Visions Gallery (CVG) in Downtown Bremerton at 331 Pacific Ave.  The Show features 130 pieces of art work selected from nearly 800 submitted works by 270 artists from 70 Washington cities.  This is one of the largest and most prestigious art competition in the Pacific Northwest.  Greg Robinson, executive director and curator of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, juried this year's competition.  Among those artists accepted into this 2015 CVG Show are two members of the Blue Whole Gallery

Karen Rozbicki Stringer

"Nothing Endures But Change"

Ryoko Toyama

"Harvest Time"

     Congratulations are in order to both artists for having their art work selected to this prestigious show.  Additional praise goes to Karen Rozbicki Stringer since her photograph entitled "Nothing Endures But Change" was awarded second place in photography from the many that were considered.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Passion & Feelings in Art

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Love Affair with Art

    The Blue Whole Gallery will feature two of its member artists that reflect a love affair with art itself.  Sandra G. Kasper and Mary Franchini have consistently throughout their artistic lives made an effort to express qualities that inspire emotion, imagery and feelings.  With the use of color, composition and creativity both artists express elements of life into their work along with passion and sensitivity. Enjoy their approaches to art and talk with the artists themselves at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday, February 6th,  from 5 to 8 pm.  

Sandra G. Kasper
   Sandra is a multi-media artist working primarily in experimental water medium acrylics, pastels and encaustic.  A new resident to the Sequim, Washington area she brings with her an artistic talent that ranges from impressionism to pure abstract with a strong sense of color, composition and movement.
   As an artist, Sandra enters the process of creation by exploring her feelings, thoughts and ideas.  She allows her work to reveal its own energy & intensity as seen in two of the series of four below entitled "Dancing with Nature".



"Where the Mountains Meet the Sea"

    Central  to Sandra's  focus is innovation and risk taking so that each work of art expresses its own individuality and gives insights into the subject being shown.  This extension is challenging because it involves immersing herself into varying styles as well as experimenting with various materials.  It becomes for Sandra an exploration and a love affair with art itself.

"Hidden Deer Tapestry"
     Take an excursion and explore the world that Sandra G. Kasper has created and view her artwork at the Blue Whole Gallery starting on February 6 from 5 to 8 pm & throughout the month.

Mary Franchini

    Mary Franchini is an adventuress mixed media artist using acrylics, gouache & water based paints. Not stopping there, Mary adds paper, fabric and found objects which she combines into images that can be somewhat realistic, impressionistic and even abstract.  All of these materials give her the freedom to express her views and find how each work takes its place.

"Inside Life"

     A veteran artist and teacher, Mary uses water soluble paint because it gives her the freedom to work on wet surfaces and see different effects that can become part of a collage or another layer of paint.  Texture and different colors then pour through and appear on the surfaces of her work.  Such exploration has taken her to depicting figures in a whimsical free style without being totally realistic as seen in following selections.

"Sequim Party Girl"


"I will tell you"

     Freedom of expression allows Mary Franchini to combine her love of art with the chance to experiment and express herself.  Her artwork becomes an exploration of how each work has its beginning and end.  Join Mary in this quest and view her efforts on First Friday, February 6, 2015 from 8 to 5 p.m. and throughout the month at the Blue Whole Gallery.

Both artists welcome your contact:

Sandra G. Kasper
Home phone:  360-683-4664

Mary Franchini
Home phone:  360-681-0895

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Artists Working to Make It Happen!!

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Preparing the Gallery for the Holiday Season

Artist Terry Grasteit helping out.
   Setting artwork in the Blue Whole Gallery does not happen by wishing it so, but rather it is due to the efforts of individual members volunteering their time, artistic sense of balance and taste to present a visual treat for the public to view.  The results of their hard work & effort this Holiday Season will make the Gallery come alive with a display of original art and unique gifts that will be offered the day after Thanksgiving, Friday Nov. 28 and throughout the month of December.  
    This wonderful selection spans the spectrum of painting, photography, ceramics, holiday cards, ornaments, jewelry, fiber art and more.  Each of these art works have been created by Blue Whole Artists themselves and reveals their spontaneity, creativeness and imagination.  This allows the public the opportunity to embrace & support the arts and the artists themselves.

Artist Robert "Bud" Bowling helped set the Gallery Gift stand up.

    To set the stage for showing these Holiday Gift Items, member artists like Robert "Bud" Bowling, Terry Grasteit, and Brian Buntain put together glass shelving that allows items to be displayed well. This Gift Gallery section, located in the center of Gallery, allowed artists Karin Anderson and Liz Harper to place the art work so that the public can view, touch and admire the efforts that each artist of the Gallery has worked hard to create.  

Karin Anderson making final touches.
Liz Harper placing gift items on stand

Artists Liz and Karin stopped working for a photo shot.

A sample of the artwork by Gallery's artists.

   The Gift Gallery and a Holiday Group Show starts on First Friday, December 5th bringing together 2D and 3D art that offers that perfect gift for friends and family.  Or deck your own table and walls this Holiday Season with original handmade art from the members of the Blue Whole Gallery.  This time of giving thanks and sharing with family and friends can also be remembered by a treasured gift that is appreciated by those you care about.

    All the artist members of the Blue Whole Gallery extend their heartfelt hopes that the Holiday Season ahead is a joyous and thoughtful one for each and everyone.


 In Memory

    With the ending of the year 2014 we regret to announce the passing of two of the Blue Whole Gallery's founding members.  Their art work and personal dedication to the Gallery will be greatly missed.

Mary Lou Teitzel

Helen Wood

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Colors & Textures in Art

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery
Artistic Inspirations

   Fall has arrived on the Olympic Peninsula.  Cooler & overcast days along with rain turning into snow on the mountains will be the season's gift to us all.  Yet spectacular colors & textures still can be seen at the Blue Whole Gallery with the art works of Jan Tatom & Karin Anderson. Each has a distinctive way of expressing their inspiration in art.  Jan reveals her vision by working in purchased & hand-spun fibers revealing weaving patterns with the use of two looms. While Karin works in acrylic, mixed media and assemblage incorporating a multitude of materials.  Brighten up your day and view these artist's colorful visions on First Friday, November 7th and throughout the month at the Blue Whole Gallery in Sequim, Washington.

Jan Tatom
Jan working at her Schacht Loom

Using a loom's shuttle & bobbins
  Jan Tatom enjoys the weaver's world where threads are woven with unlimited color combinations obtained from dye processes along with creative loom designs and woven geometric patterns.  It is an ancient art form found in all human cultures that reveals cultural identity, historical events, fashion trends and artistic skills.  Jan is fascinated with the possibilities that fiber can offer and she is inspired by the colors of spring or fall, along with the natural beauty of the Olympic Mountains. The challenge is to interpret such inspirations as creations that include fabric garments, discharged & dyed rayon scarves, & hand-woven wearable art as well as decorative and utilitarian pieces.

A swift used in winding yarn.

 In order to create such objects  Jan uses hand-spun fibers, a swift that winds yarns into skeins, along with two looms, a Schacht & a Gilmore, that are warped simultaneously to form decorative and utilitarian pieces. The results are an expanded range of colors, patterns with different weave structures and unlimited forms.

Double Weave Block

    Here are a sample of Jan Tatom's fiber inspirations that reveal patterns, weaving skills that please the eye and serve a multitude of uses.  (i.e. wearable art that may be used as a table runner or wall hanging.)

Ikat Handwoven with beads, Tencel discharge

Alpaca Twill - Hand-dyed Alpaca

Undulating Wall Hanging / Runner, Perle Cotton
  Truly, Jan has mastered the skills of weaving. Her artistic creations reveal the passion and the inspiration she has for fiber art.  The color range & textures obtained by special dye processes along with creative loom designs & weaves offers the visitor to the Blue Whole Gallery an inspirational look at wearable art as well as a decorative & utilitarian pieces.  Explore this weaver's world and join Jan Tatom at the Gallery on November 7th, from 5 to 8pm & throughout the month.

Karin Anderson
Karin working in her studio

   Karin Anderson is a mixed media artist whose work is eclectic, colorful & fun.  Not content to stick with one medium or style, Karin works with a multitude of materials ranging from acrylic, watercolor, gouache, & pastels, to collage & assemblage.  The latter can be seen below.

"Portrait of an Artist"
    Karin's inspiration comes from everyday things:  leaves, rocks, flowers, newspapers, fabric, found objects & (her favorite) rusty junk. These objects become the spark for her creative process.  She finds great satisfaction in re-purposing these elements into her art to stir up a story, memory or a laugh from the viewer.

"Mango Morning"

  Karin is always eager to experiment and explore something new. She uses vibrant colors to create simple, bold compositions.   

"Are We There Yet"

     Karin's creative inspirations combine both a love of color & an unconventional approach to art, revealing her unique view of the world.  She has the ability to take the everyday object and turn it into an intriguing work of art. She achieves this with skill and daring.  Visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday, November 7th and throughout the month to view Karin's imaginative work and exploration into the world of art. 

  Jan Tatom and Karin Anderson will be the featured artists on November 7th from 5 to 8pm at the Blue Whole Gallery. Enjoy their approach to art and talk with the artists themselves on this first Friday.

Both artists welcome your contact:

Karin Anderson: at
    Home phone: 360-681-8481    Cell phone: 360-477-7923

Jan Tatom: at
Phone:  360-681-3845