Monday, January 16, 2017

Congratulations are in order for
 Terry Grasteit 

    A member artist of the Blue Whole Gallery, Terry Grasteit has been accepted in the Collective Visions Gallery (CVG) show at 331 Pacific Ave in Bremmerton, Washington.  This 2017 Annual Washington State Juried Art Competition and Show starts on January 21, 2017 and  goes through February 25.  Terry Grasteit's painting  "Angles and Demons" below was selected to be placed in this prestigious show.  Recognition well deserved Terry!!  For more information go to

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Artist Member 
Marilynn Evans - Book Illustrator

     "Sugar Plum Fairy Tales" by Connie Miller and published by Y Mountain Press is an illustrated soft paperback with a collection of charming bedtime fairy tales that would be enjoyed by children.  It is illustrated by Marilynn Evans a Blue Whole Gallery artist who has created beautiful and colorful illustrations that will bring smiles and dreams to any child.  This paperback is available at BYU Book Store and a limited number can be purchased at the Blue Whole Gallery in Sequim.  Below are samples of Marilynn's illustrations.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Back to Basics at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening view of the Blue Whole Gallery

    January's Gallery Group Show, presented by member artists Nancy Lawrence and Karin Anderson, reveals the challenge presented when limiting the color palette.  The bold graphic punch of black and white stimulates and sharpens the mind and is modified by soft tones of grey, which lull one into a reflective meditative mood.  This dichotomy asks, what is going on here.  Enjoy this challenging show in the Blue Whole Gallery's windows starting on First Friday January 6, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm and throughout the month.  Examples are shown below. 


"With an eye toward Cephus" by Joyce Volmut

Crystalline Vase by Greg Felando


Sumi-e by Ryoko Toyama

Pendant by Kathy Schreiner & Leather bag by Jan Tatom

"Matrix 2" by Terry Grasteit

"Natural Hourglass" by Karen Rozbicki Stringer

 All of the Member Artists
of the
Blue Whole Gallery

Wish Everyone a Joyous & Healthful 
New Year !!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Gift Giving at Blue Whole Gallery

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Holiday Selection of Artful Gifts

     Find the perfect gift for friends, family and decorate your home this Holiday Season with works of art by local artists of the Blue Whole Gallery.   Our Holiday Group Show and Gift Gallery will have a wonderful selection of ornaments, jewelry, fiber art, fused glass, ceramics, paintings, photography, sculptures of wood, gourds and drift wood will be available.  
     This showing of original art and unique gifts will be on display throughout the month of December with a special Holiday Showing on First Friday December 2 from 5 to 8 pm. You will be surprised at the variety and quality of the gifts available at the Blue Whole Gallery.  

Make Someone Happy!
Check these examples out.

Christmas Ornaments

Xmas Spirit by Joyce Volmut
Santas by Karin Anderson

Wooden Snowmen by Carl Baker

Clay Elves by Nancy Lawrence


Petosky Stone by Kathy Schreiner

Russian Charoite by Kathy Shreiner

Fused Glass Pendants by Lizabeth Harper

Fiber and Ceramic Art
Pot Holders by Jan Tatom

"Electra" by Steve Wry
Faceted Mugs by Greg Felando

Paintings and Driftwood - Gourd Sculptures

Flower Frog Pot by Carl Baker & Sumi painting by Ryoko Toyama

Vineyard by Debby Sterk

"LIL BUCKAROO" by David Tinsley

Gourd art by Debbie Cain

Artist Members of the Blue Whole Gallery Wishes Everyone a Joyous 
Holiday Season!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Art for All Seasons

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Change of Seasons

     November ushers in fall weather and autumn colors on the Olympic Peninsula.  To greet this change of season the Blue Whole Gallery will feature, in its windows, the handwoven wearable art of member artist Jan Tatom along with a display of art work by several of its talented and dedicated Artists.  This exhibit will give the visitor a view of the various contrasting styles and skills that make up the Gallery and will be presented on First Friday November 4, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm as well as throughout the month.  

     Jan Tatom's fiber art is inspired by spectacular colors and textures of nature reflected in the mountains, woods and the sea found on the Olympic Peninsula.  She weaves these elements with the aid of two looms and her short experience in weaving.  Jan's goal is to create items that serve multiple uses: for instance, wearable art that may also be used as table runner or wall hanging as seen below.

Twill Color Gamp

     Jan's output spans a fascinating collection of fabric garments from handbags, felting, knitted and crocheted accessories, to hand-spun fibers, discharged and dyed rayon scarves and hand-woven pieces. She is challenged by different color schemes, fiber and weave structures which can result in exciting new items.  Each creation can also be a learning event that takes the weaver into areas of exploration in patterns and color. 

Colored Wrapper

Wrapped for Fall

Jan Tatom at her Schacht Loom
     The fiber art work of Jan Tatom expresses her inspiration and passion for weaving.  Explore this weaver's world where distinctive loom designs, color range and textures are incorporated into every hand-woven piece.  Meet the artist by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday November 4th, from 5 to 8 pm and view her art work at the Gallery throughout the month.

Jan Tatom welcomes your contact.

      Artist Group Showing

     Along with the weaver's world of Jan Tatom, a selection of art works by Artists of the Blue Whole Gallery will also be on display.  This showing reveals the varied talents and styles represented by 2D and 3D artists that make up this 19 year co-operative gallery. Samples of their art work are shown below.

Art work by Debbie Cain, Carl Baker, Deborah Sterk, Liz Harper, Greg Felando,  & Joyce Volmut.

Driftwood Sculpture by David Tinsley

Jewelry by Kathy Schreiner

Digital Art by Marilynn Evans

"Black Pearl" by Bridget Baker

"Quantum Leap" by Terry Grasteit

 Special Holiday Event at the 
Blue Whole Gallery

     On Friday, November 11, 2016 from 5 - 8 pm a Silent Auction, Unique Gifts and Festive Food & Drink will be  presented at the Gallery.  

All are welcomed to this
  Holiday Gala Open House & Gift Gallery

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Influence of Nature in Art

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

 Artistic Examples Inspired by Nature

    Two artist members of the Blue Whole Gallery will be featured in the Gallery's windows during the month of October.   Katherine Loveland is a photographer who focuses on revealing variations of shapes, textures and colors that she sees reflected in nature.  While Carol Janda, explores art through painting and pottery using the beauty of nature to give her inspiration in interpreting and portraying it.
    Both of these artist's work reflect elements found in everyday surroundings that help them explore various approaches and techniques of interpretations. See their inspirations by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday, October 7 from 5 to 8 p.m. and meet the artists as well! 

     Katherine Loveland, uses photography to capture everyday objects as well as natural surfaces so that they can be seen anew to show their pattern, shapes and colors.  Her work gives us an opportunity to see new perspectives and view the unexpected and therefore appreciate the visual and tactical world we live in.  Look at the following examples and appreciate what she is revealing to you.

"Waves of Wood"


     What a diverse world that Katherine has opened to us by selecting and photographing simple objects and forms from nature.  It reveals a tactile world of diversity and one with magnificent shapes and patterns formed by the elements of wind, time, and temperature.  They are forms of sculpture as seen in the selections below.  


"What Lies Within"

     Katherine also sees the simple side of an object whether it be a shadow reflected on a sandy surface or an intricate image portrayed on a stone surface or the bark of a tree.  


     Enjoy this exploration and involvement that Katherine Loveland wants you to share and appreciate the visual beauty within Natures Realm.  Visit the Blue Whole Gallery and enjoy in her artwork and meet her on First Friday October 7th from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Gallery.

     Carol Janda, an artist who skills spans two separate art mediums, painting and pottery. She is challenged by different mediums and how they offer her diverse directions and approaches.  Her work has a singular perspective that comes from viewing the beauty that nature offers and how it can be interpreted and portrayed.  As a painter Carol uses oil monotypes, and water color that allows her to move into an exploration of multi-directions that brings out her diversity and creativity in her work as seen below.
"Autumn Winds"

"Safe Haven"

"Fields Before an Ancient City"

"Grown Together"

  Carol enjoys and expands her exploration of art when she uses her hands to mold and create clay sculptures using press-molded dragonflies, pine cones, sea life and leaf and rose-edge bowls and vases.  Her variety of shapes and forms allow her to explore her sense of artistic views that centers on capturing the elements in nature that surround her. The following examples reveal her skills and diversity in approach.   

Dragon Fly and Pine Cone Vases


"The Family"

"Coded message"
     Carol Janda is a versatile artist working in both pictorial images and pottery in addition to teaching such skills to others. Her variety of shapes and forms in pottery allow her to explore her sense of artistic views that centers on capturing the elements in nature that surround her.  She further expands her interest by using watercolors and oil monotypes that challenges her skills in examining other aspects of the pictorial arts.  These creative forces brings out her abilities to explore multi-directions in ideas and her ability to accept other various methods of applications in art.  


      Share in Carol's involvement into the Arts and the years of experience that have allowed her to venture into diverse subject matter that continue to challenge her.  See and appreciate her heartfelt endeavors by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday October 7th from 5 to 8 p.m. where she and her work will be presented. 

The Artists welcome your contact
including interviews.

Katherine Loveland

Carol Janda