Saturday, April 28, 2018

Digital Transformations at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening View at Blue Whole Gallery

            On First Friday May 4th, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm the Blue Whole Gallery will present digital artist Marilynn Evans along with a Silent Auction by its members to support the Student Scholarship Program at the Sequim High School.   As featured artist Marilynn will show an exhibit of her work that uses digital resources for playful and fanciful images from her imagination and her own photographs to arrive at beautiful artistic renditions of images captured with her camera.   Come and see her work throughout the month of May at the Gallery or visit 

"Shadows of the Past"

"An Old Mill"

    Marilynn Evans enjoys creating digital art with the help of her Canon EOS Rebel XTi camera and computer software program Photoshop Elements 12.  These digital aids help her transform her numerous photos taken in the United States and foreign countries.  Her exhibit reveal older images of retired structures with added features giving them a fresh and new view as seen below. 

"Dungeness Schoolhouse"

"Old Stone"
"Covered Bridge"

    For Marilynn "the screen is my canvas, the mouse is my brush".  She could paint or take amazing photographs but chooses to combine these two forms of creativity on a computer for timely results.  After studying a photo at length it tells her what it wants to become.  She applies various techniques learned over the years to tell a new story or reveal hidden memories.  It is this artistic approach to photography that she shares with you as seen in the selections below.

"Tennessee Barn"

"The Cabin"

     The ability to combine multiple images and layers on a photo allows Marilynn to convey an enhanced story or a faded memory tinged with elements of the past.  Expand your vision in art and visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday, May 4th, from 5 to 8pm and meet the artist who will be happy to discuss her art with you.

The Artist Welcomes Your Contact 
Including Interviews

Marilynn Evans
or Phone: 1-360-461-5822

Blue Whole Gallery Silent Auction
from May 1st  to  June 1st, 2018
with Artworks by Member Artists Presented to Support Student Scholarship 
at Sequim High School !

Friday, March 30, 2018

Natural and Man-made!

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

"Strait Inspirations"

     Come join us at the Blue Whole Gallery and reflect on the visions and imaginations of the Olympic Peninsula by artist painter Priscilla Patterson and photographer Ken Dvorak.  Both of these gallery members will present works reflecting natural beauty and the interaction of man-made objects have with the environment.  Meet the artists and view their efforts on First Friday, April 6 from 5 to 8 pm. at the Blue Whole Gallery.  Or visit the Gallery to see their display throughout the month.

      Priscilla Patterson, is a water color and oil artist who will present an exhibit entitled "Strait Lines" which combine the man-made with nature on the Olympic Peninsula.  Her works reflect how we interact with and enjoy our natural surroundings.  This exploration can be seen in the following works which will be presented in the Gallery windows on First Friday, April 6.


"Kayak Trip"


"When the River Ran Strong"

"View of the Valley"

     Priscilla takes every opportunity to work details into her watercolor and oil paintings. She finds interest in combining nature and man made objects into her compositions revealing farmland, mountains and the seacoast of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley and the Strait of Juan De Fuca.  Examples follow.


"In Town for Awhile"

    Share in the scenic beauty and simplicity she finds on the Olympic Peninsula and discover the artwork of Priscilla Patterson by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery.  Meet the artist and view her efforts in expressing how we interact with nature by visiting the Gallery on First Friday April 6 from 5 to 8 pm.

  Ken Dvorak follows one of Ansel Adam directive, that photos are "made not taken".  Ken takes an image and with the help of a digital dark room, a scanner and a high end computer, he turns a photograph into something he imagine when he first clicked the camera's shutter.  Those results are shown below.

"Dungeness Bay"


"Waiting for the Tide"

"Clouds and Pilings"

    Ken is a self-taught fine art nature photographer and his works are both in black / white and color.  He prints his own works, does the mounting as well as the framing.  His prints are noted as being "giclee" which is a printing method that is considered to be "fine art" and gallery acceptable.  Below are works that reflect his interest in nature, its power, beauty and they invite the viewer to appreciate the interactions they offer.


"Sequim Japanese Garden 2"

    Share in Ken Dvorak's love affair with the outdoors and his special focus that he wants others to appreciate. Treat yourself to Ken's thoughtful and dramatic photographs by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday April 6 from 5 to 8 pm. when the artist will be present along with his works.

Both Artist welcome your contact including interviews.

Priscilla Patterson
or Phone: 1-360-477-4195

Ken Dvorak

Friday, February 23, 2018

Diversity in Art at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

 Rhythmic Figures & Concepts

      Two members of the Blue Whole Gallery will be featured in the Gallery's windows during the month of March.  Suzanne Eller, a self-taught artist, who finds inspiration in the medium of Assemblage Art which incorporates her love of collecting natural and everyday items; and Lynne Armstrong an accomplished artist who uses watercolor, oil, acrylic and clay to express her feelings and to capture a view of life in a timeless way.
     Both of these artists reveal the complexity and diversity that Art can display and give the viewer an unexpected insight into an artist's imagination.  See their efforts by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday March 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. and meet the artists as well!

    Suzanne Eller grew up in the Pacific Northwest often exploring the beaches and forests of the Olympic Peninsula. These natural surroundings inspire her creative energies to put together sculptural assemblages from natural materials, textiles, rustic tools and other found objects that she has collected.  
      Elements in Sue's work are wide and varied and may include yarn, vintage tools, hardware, buttons, jewelry and other as shown in her work below. 

"Happy Grasshopper"


     Many of  of Sue's works evoke images of birds, animals such as dragon flies, cats, birds, insects as well as themes of time and place.  Each piece is carefully put together so that the image is both recognizable yet tells a story or relates a new meaning.

"Nearsighted Pheasant"

"Migration Time"

"Harnessing the Wind"

     Human imagination can be varied and diverse as it is with the assemblage art by Suzanne Eller.  As a self-taught artist her work brings out a thoughtful yet diverse form of artwork that can be enjoyed at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday March 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm.  Visit the Gallery and meet the artist along with her creative sculptural forms.

     Lynne Armstrong loves being an artist who relishes the time she spends creating works of art that capture a mood as well as the mystery within  a given space at a moment in time.  Lynne's style varies but centers on loosely applied brushstrokes and abstract compositions.  Her work can include thick impasto strokes of acrylic, washes of watercolor and even clay images that are diverse in subject matter and approach as seen below.

"Eve before the apple"

     Lynne strives to develop elements of light and movement as well as color and mood into her art work which transforms what is being portrayed. Developing these aspects helps Lynne to show reality and capture a view of what she sees and feels. That imagination can be seen in her portrayal of faces and figures below.


"The Hat, Sunglasses & the Watermelon"

     Enter Lynne Armstrong's re-imagined world and feel the vibrant colors and shapes that she captures along with the feelings and emotions that are there.  Visit the Blue Whole Gallery and meet the artist on First Friday March 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. and see Lynne's expressive vision of living life through art.

Both Artists welcome your contact including interviews.

Suzanne Eller
Phone: 360-797-3081

Lynne Armstrong
Phone:  360-775-4788

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Flight of Birds at Blue Whole Gallery

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Grace, Beauty & Attitude
of Birds
     Blue Whole Gallery will present two feature artists whose skills in rendering images of birds and animals differ widely due to their methods and materials. Jeannine Chappell is an accomplished drawer and painter who incorporates a computer and software to reveal how fascinating birds are in communicating their beauty and power.  While Joyce DeCastro Volmut uses her wood carving skills to show life-like realism of birds and animals exemplifying their character.  Both artists have years of experience and their works will be showcased at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday February 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month.

"Barn Owl" by Jeannine Chappell

Detail view of Barn Owl
  Jeannine Chappell's unique artistic style combines her drawing talents & imagination to portray the strength and individuality that birds and animals have in the Natural World. She finds these subjects compelling as well as fascinating as she draws them and then isolated the image in order to darken, lighten and create different backgrounds into her final composition.

"Boreal Owl" by Jeannine Chappell

     Jeannine's artwork incorporates the use of watercolor, pencils, pastels, etc. along with the computer to facilitate her various talents and skills in creating images that she envisions.  The results are three-dimensional in quality on the subject shown along with the details found in the background along with natural elements in Nature.

Demoiselle Crane by Jeannine Chappell

     Share in Jeannine Chappell's vision of the qualities found in the birds and animals that share and enrich our world.  Each of her high-quality signed prints are individually matted and framed and will be presented a the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday February 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm.  Meet the artist, her work and enjoy her creativity.   

Joyce DeCastro Volmut values the essence and qualities found in birds and animals.  She takes pleasure in showing in her wood carvings the realistic manner, or facial expression that birds portray in the natural world.  She particularly tries to reveal their grace, beauty and demeanor which characterizes their personality.  These qualities can be seen in Joyce's carving of a Barn Owl below:

"Barn Owl" by Joyce DeCastro Volumt

Detail View of the Barn Owl

     Joyce's favorite wood is basswood which allows her to carve elements into her subject that capture their positions and manners reflecting their characteristics and thus give a realistic portrayal of the bird or animal.  These carved and painted life-like creations are examples of Joyce's skills and her interest in ornithology.   Samples of her work follow:

"Dawn, morning dove" by Joyce DeCastro Volmut

"Oh Beautiful, American Bald Eagle" by Joyce DeCastro Volmut
            The art of wood carving can be quite daunting at times for Joyce DeCastro Volmut but the challenge is always rewarding.  She is forever in awe of the grace, beauty and attitude of birds.  Enjoy this special vision and visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday February 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm.   Meet Joyce and take the time to appreciate her carvings/paintings of the wildlife that surrounds us.

Both Artists welcome your contact including interviews.

Jeannine Chappell
Phone: 510-206-7992

Joyce DeCastro Volmut
Phone: 785-554-6379

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Opposites Attract at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening View at the Blue Whole Gallery

     In celebration of the New Year, the Blue Whole Gallery presents a group show titled "Back to Basics: Black & White".  Curated by Nancy Lawrence, this show reveals the challenge presented when limiting the palette.  Working in black and white lays bare the elements of design and reveals the expressive strength of a work of art.  The bold graphic punch stimulates and sharpens the mind while being modified by soft tones of gray lull one into a meditative mood.  This dichotomy asks, what is going on here.  
      Enjoy this new exhibit presented at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday January 5th from 5 to 8pm and  throughout the month of January. Examples follow:

"Snowy Owl" by Jeannine Chappell

"Sculptures" by Katherine Loveland

"Calling at home port" by Ryoko Toyama

"Midwinter Feast" by Marilynn Evans

"Resist" by Lynne Armstrong

"Woman Figure" by Nancy Lawrence
"Shades of Gray" by Priscilla Patterson

All of the Member Artists
of the 
Blue Whole Gallery

Wish Everyone a Joyous & Healthful
New Year !