Friday, September 29, 2017

Artistic Details Revealed at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening at the Blue Whole Gallery

Natural Shapes & Man-made Objects

      Its all in the Details, one can say, when the Blue Whole Gallery presents the paintings of Priscilla Patterson and the photography of Katherine Loveland.     Both artists share a similar focus as they incorporate details that make their work stand out. 
     For Priscilla, watercolors & oil are the mediums of choice giving her the opportunity to incorporate nature in the viewing of man-made objects, but also picturing wildlife & landscapes as well.  While Katherine uses photography to portray familiar objects as an unfamiliar alternative universe that shows rhythm and shape. Take advantage of this opportunity to see shapes and objects transformed and visit with the artists and view their work at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday October 6, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm and throughout the month. 

     Priscilla Patterson sees shapes and values as a challenge in painting the intricacies of objects whether they be part of Nature or the inspiring images of transportation vehicles such as aircraft, cars, or fishing vessels. Her free spirit allows her to capture the moment as it appeared, seen in the selections below.

"Point Robinson Lighthouse,  Vashon Island"

"In Town for Awhile"

"Autumn Clouds Tongue Point, Astoria"

     Yet Priscilla has also mastered elements of still-life and uses details to enhance the overall image she is portraying whether it be a familiar setting or a story being told by what is pictured.  Samples are seen below

"Crystal Vases"

     Priscilla Patterson hopes that her paintings reveal to the viewer a story that can be felt and appreciated. Please take advantage by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery to talk to the artist and see her art work that captures the elements of realism and diversity on First Friday October 6, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm. at the Gallery.

     Katherine Loveland is fascinated by the abstract in nature and in inorganic objects.  This allows her as a photographer to display familiar objects as unfamiliar, and give them new perspective and quality that can be enjoyed and appreciated anew. Examples of this "alternative universe" of "Rhythm and Shape" can be seen below. 

Triptych Set "G-Echoes"

"Waves of Wood"

"Triptych Set "H-Rhythm"
      Katherine is a photographer who enjoys revealing variations of shapes, textures and colors that she sees in nature.  Her work gives the viewer an opportunity to look at details within objects that form patterns that are visually different and unexpected.  Such photographic views are forms of sculpture as seen below. 


     Enjoy this exploration and involvement that Katherine Loveland wants you to share and appreciate the visual beauty within Natures Realm of Rhythm and Shapes. Visit the Blue Whole Gallery to view her artwork and meet the artist on First Friday October 6th from 5 to 8 pm. at the Gallery.

The Artists welcome your contact including interviews!

Priscilla Patterson
or Phone: 1-360-477-4195

Katherine Loveland
or Phone: 1-360-683-8288

Friday, August 25, 2017

Expression & Imagination at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery
Fantasies & Fabrications

      Starting in September the Blue Whole Gallery will present an exhibit featuring artwork of both Bridget Baker and David Tinsley. This joint effort will show paintings by Bridget Baker who sees her work imitating life with visions that are suggestive as well as imperfect.  While driftwood sculptor David Tinsley looks at art as a way to allow people a chance to catch the spirit of life by evoking their enthusiasm and wonder.  
     The artwork by both of these artists reflects their expression and imagination and will be featured in the Blue Whole Gallery's windows on First Friday September 1st, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm. and through out the month. 

Bridget Baker working in her studio.

Driftwood sculpture "Silent Sobs & Me", by artist David Tinsley

     Bridget Baker begins her art from a vision that develops and "moves on its own path" allowing "imperfections to make it interesting" as seen in her two paintings below.

"Crepuscular Clouds"

"Heir Apparent"                "Be Prepared"

      David Tinsley takes driftwood and creates images and objects reflecting elements of life which make up our environment and thus have a "profound effect on one's soul" as seen in his work that follows.


"The Struggle Within"

        Both Bridget Baker and David Tinsley take their work into the realm of fantasy and fabrications in order to allow the observer the chance to "make room in one's life for art" or to go a little further and ask "What if".  
         Art can challenge a person's mind and allow it to grow.  The Blue Whole Gallery hopes to achieve this by presenting the art work of these two artists who will be present along with their work on First Friday, September 1, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm. at the Gallery.

Both artists welcome your contact, including interviews.

Bridget Baker

 David Tinsley
or Phone: 1-360-461-9600

Friday, July 28, 2017

Exploring Artistic Expression at Blue Whole Gallery.

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Visual & Emotional Honesty in Art

     You are invited to the Blue Whole Gallery to experience and appreciate the passions of two featured artists, Karen Rozbicki Stringer and Debbie Cain.  This exhibit will present their works on what they observe and interpret to be visually and emotionally challenging to the viewer.  Both artists have a commitment to excellence and their art reflect deep observation and reflection on reality.  Please take the time to experience such efforts by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday August 4, 2017 from 5 to 8pm. and throughout the month.     

(Photo by Charles Carson)
Karen Rozbicki Stringer, whose passion for photography "is a way to experience the world around her quietly, slowly and deeply through observation, contemplation and reflection." Her photographic images take the viewer into a world of derelict and abandoned buildings that are revealed through "Doors and Windows".
     Doors for Karen offer inclusion or exclusion - you're either in or you're out. This choice can be adventurous for some or forbidding for others as seen in her photographic images that follow.

"Presence II"


     Windows for Karen present another photographic opportunity, for they are a transparent barrier and can act as a "veneer isolating the inner life from what lies beyond".  Therefore, windows "separate observers from participants, sometimes protecting, but never fully."  Such views are captured below.

"Breach III"

"View from Within"

     Karen Rozbicki Stringer's photographic skills reveal talent and involvement that allow her the opportunity to share her interests in capturing past times and places that still have a story to tell.  Give yourself an inspiring experience and meet the artist and her artwork at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday August 4, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm.

Debbie Cain works in her studio carving and painting natural gourds, depicting animals as well as designs revealing the lore of the American Southwest.  She selects and prepares her gourds to become like canvas allowing her to carve, sketch and paint images on the surfaces. Using various stains, wood burning and dyes she creates images that have depth and visual reality as seen below.

"Textured Leather"

Gourd Lamp

  Debbie's handmade and decorated gourd art reflects her exploration into an art form that requires refined skills to arrive at a satisfying creation. She incorporates carved images, portrait painting along with embedded natural elements to achieve the final result.  

"Feathered Mask"

Carved Butterfly Gourd

      Debbie Cain's creative expressions are found in her gourd artwork and can be enjoyed and admired for its representation of images that are varied and detailed.  The beauty of her organic sculptures and the her effort to embellish her work with natural pine needles, gemstones, glass and fiber coiling only enhances her creations.  The Blue Whole Gallery urges you to explore this interesting art form and meet the artist and her work at the Gallery on First Friday August 4, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month.

Both Artists Welcome Your Contact Including Interviews

Karen Rozbicki Stringer

Debbie Cain

Friday, June 30, 2017

Capturing Creativity at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Expressive Imagination On
Two Different Levels

    The Blue Whole Gallery will be featuring two artists whose skill in using elements of creativity differ widely due to their methods and application.  Marilynn Evans is an accomplished digital artist who takes her photographs and using her computer and specific software changes the original image, adding  imaginative elements to create a work of art.  While Joyce DeCastro Volmut uses her sculptural skills to render animals and birds with lifelike realism which exemplify their character.  Both artists have years of experience and their works will be presented at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday July 7, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month. 

"Lavender Sunset"

      Maryilynn Evans digital image above is an example of how an original photo taken by her at the Jardin du Soleil Lavender Farm in Sequim and printed on aluminum can be enhanced by  a little imaginative help. For the past 17 years Marilynn has sharpened her use of specific software and computer skills to add interest to her personal collection of photographs.  The results highlight the elements of versatility and exploration in her work.

"The Unicorn"
    Another example of Marilynn's work is the "The Unicorn" which delves into fantasy and allows her to use imagination to enhance a photo taken in the Olympic National Forest.  She incorporates into the forest scene images of a unicorn, a peacock and a fairy thus creating a medieval mystical scene in an idyllic setting.

"A Visit with Fairies"
"Spirit of the Bridge"

     Marilynn Evans is a versatile artist whose digital art incorporates imagination and exploration.  She also involves herself in illustrations for children's books such as "Sugar Plum Fairy Tales" by author Connie Miller.  Enjoy the world that Marilynn is presenting at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday July 7, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm. where the artist, her work and illustrated books will be available.

"Kissing the Light" Rufous Hummingbird

    Joyce DeCastro Volmut is a sculptor and carver who is dedicated to capturing the essence of a bird or animal in a realistic manner, paying particular attention to facial expression, feather layout and general demeanor of the subject being worked on.  Such interest stems from Joyce's interest in ornithology and is particularly shown in her renditions of birds such as the Rufous Hummingbird and the following below.   

"Oh Beautiful" American Bald Eagle
     Joyce's favorite wood is basswood which allows her to carve elements into her subject that captures their positions and manners that reflect their characteristics and thus give a realistic portrayal of the bird or animal. 

"And So I dream" Sea Otter with Cub

"Arctic Stomp" (Running Snowy Owl)

     Share in Joyce DeCastro Volmut's vision of the essence and qualities that are found in the birds and animals that share and enrich our world.  Please take the time to visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday July 7, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm. and meet Joyce and enjoy her insight in carving and painting the wildlife that surrounds us. 

 Both Artists Welcome Your Contact!

Marilynn Evans
or Phone: 1-360-461-5822

Joyce DeCastro Volmut
at: joyce.volmut
or Phone: 1-785-554-6379

Wishing You All a Very
Happy 4th of July

Friday, May 26, 2017

Blue Whole Gallery continues its Legacy!

Member Artists of the Blue Whole Gallery
   From top left:  Katherine Loveland, Marilynn Evans, Larry Barnes, Debbie Cain, Robert "Bud" Bowling, Barbara Neswald, Carol Janda, Liz Harper, Ken Dvorak, Joyce DeCastro Volmut, Mary Franchini, Barbara Boerigter, Kathy Schreiner, Carl Baker, Greg Felando.  From front left:  Lynne Armstrong, Bridget Baker, Ryoko Toyama, Lucinda Hayes, David Tinsley and Priscilla Patterson.  Missing in photo are: Nancy Lawrence, Deborah Sterk and Karen Rozbicki Stringer.  (Group photo taken by Larry Barnes on May 9, 2017) 

Celebrate our 20th year of Excellence

"Spirit of the Bridge" by Marilynn Evans

       Years have past and many artists have helped maintain and develop a Gallery on the Olympic Peninsula showing the highest level of work by local artists.  Their efforts over the years have given the communities of Sequim, Port Angeles and Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula an enduring Legacy of Excellence in Art.  That achievement extends into our 20th year anniversary and is being celebrated on the First Friday of June 2, 2017 from 5 to 8 pm. with an array of art work that continues to honor artists of the past with those of the present.  
     Members of the Blue Whole Gallery, an artist cooperative, invite the whole community to celebrate that achievement and share in our efforts in presenting art work of exceptional creativity and originality.  It is an invitation to all to celebrate Art and those who create it.  Examples of what will be presented are shown here.

"Prodigy" by Priscilla Patterson

"Simply Blue" by Karen Rozbicki Stringer

Works by Debbie Cain, Liz Harper, Greg Felando,
Ken Dvorak and Barbara Neswald.

   "The Waterfall" by Ken Dvorak    "The Beginning" by Barb Boerigter

      "Abstract Landscape" by Mary Franchini

    Beyond creating works of art, the artists of the Blue Whole Gallery also present their art to inspire others to venture forth and become artists themselves so that they can also enhance and contribute to the quality of life within our community. 

"Sound the Trumpet" by Lucinda Hayes

Works by Nancy Lawrence, Lynne Armstrong, Carol Janda, and Ryoko Toyama.

"Salad Bowl" by Carl Baker

"Changing Values" by Bridget Baker

"Stricken" by Driftwood Sculptor David Tinsley

                                                                                            Jewelry by Kathy Schreiner
      "Snowy Owl" by Joyce Volmut                           

"Circularity" by Photographer Katherine Loveland

     The Gallery is the means by which the public can enter the world of art and enjoy the creativity of artists.  Celebrate our 20th year of presenting fine art by joining with the members of the Blue Whole Gallery in their 20th Anniversary Celebration starting on 1st Friday June 2nd, 2017 from 5-8 pm. and throughout the month at 129 W. Washington Street, in Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula.
"Celebrate Life" by Carol Janda

All are Welcomed!
  View New Original Art; enjoy Refreshments; take 20% off on selected works of Art and enter a Silent Auction titled "Dine in Sequim, Enjoy Culinary Arts," offering gift certificates from several dinning establishments.

Digital Art Work by member artist Marilynn Evans