Friday, June 24, 2016

Carving Creative Images into Art

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

The Beauty of Organic Sculpture

   Two artists members of the Blue Whole Gallery will present their art in the Gallery's windows during the month of July.  Debbie Cain, a carver and painter, uses natural gourds to show and display images from nature and the lore of the American Southwest.    Joyce DeCastro Volmut a carver and painter as well, uses wood to reveal the variety of bird and animal species that inhabit our world.  Both artists represent images that exhibit the varied and detailed skills they have mastered, making realistic examples of the beauty that surrounds us in nature. Please visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday July 1, 2016 from 5 to 8 p.m. and throughout the month to enjoy and marvel at the quality and diversity of artwork that these artists have created.  

Joyce DeCastro Volmut

      Joyce uses her skill in carving and painting to present an accurate rendering of birds and animals that she finds occupying the Pacific Northwest and on the Olympic Peninsula.  She is a stickler for accuracy in portraying details of each bird or animal and this results in a believable artistic creation.  Along with this effort Joyce tries to give each work those characteristics that define the animal revealing its personality and appearance to enhance the overall presentation.  Those efforts are shown below.

"Bald Eagle"

"A Most Popular Fellow" - Male Northern Cardinal

      Carving since 2003, Joyce's goal is to capture a real sense of a bird or animal.  Focusing on the animal's anatomy, feather pattern, facial expression and color helps her to show the beauty and fragility of the animal kingdom.


"Spring Leap" - Western Bluebird

"With an eye toward Cephus" - Trumpeter Swan


"Taking Flight" - Brown Pelican
   Share in Joyce DeCastro Volmut's vision of the essence and qualities that are found in the birds and animals that share our world.  Please visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday July 1, from 5 to 8 pm. meet the artist and enjoy her insight in carving and painting the wildlife that surrounds us. 

Debbie Cain


      Debbie works in her studio carving and painting natural gourds depicting various animals as well as designs revealing the lore of the American Southwest.  She selects and prepares her gourds to become like canvas allowing her to carve, sketch and paint images on the surface of each gourd.  Using various stains, wood burning, and dyes she creates images that have depth and visual reality. 

Floral Hummingbird Gourd Bowl

Falling Leaves

     To produce an the overall effect Debbie embellishes her work with natural pine needles, gemstones, glass and fiber coiling.  She also takes great inspiration from southwest American Indian motifs and subjects as the following examples show.

Gourd Sampler

"Onatah"  Iroquois - Daughter of the Earth

Open Faced Leaf Gourd Bowl
     This creative expression by Debbie Cain found in her gourd artwork can be enjoyed and admired at the Blue Whole Gallery.  Meet Debbie along with her art on First Friday July 1st from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month at the Gallery.

Both Artists Welcome Your Contact

Joyce DeCastro Volmut: at
      or Phone: 1-785-554-6379

Debbie Cain: at
      Phone: 1-360-801-6570
 or at

Friday, May 27, 2016

Blue Whole Gallery's 19th Anniversary Celebration

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery
"28 Shades of Blue!"

     The Member Artists of the Blue Whole Gallery invite the Community to join them in celebrating their 19th Anniversary as a Cooperative Gallery located in downtown Sequim, Washington.  This special event will take place on June 3, First Friday, from 5 to 8 pm at the Gallery and will showcase an exhibit of art titled "28 Shades of Blue!" curated by member artist Karin Anderson.  This group showing, in the Gallery's windows, will reflect the creative originality of the artist members and their involvement in contributing to the Arts in the Northwest on the Olympic Peninsula.  A sample of those skills follows.

"Morning Blues at Salt Creek" by Karen Rozbicki Stringer

"Trio of Blue" by Liz Harper (fused glass), Greg Felando (ceramic vases), Jan Tatom (scarf)

"Quantum Space" by Terry Grasteit

"Under the Blue Awning" by Mary Franchini

"Swamp Meadow" by Larry Barnes
     Please Join Us on June 3, 2016 and artfully celebrate the Blue Whole Gallery's 19 years of hosting workshops, demonstrations & exhibitions of art on the Olympic Peninsula.  Each of the members contributes their time and effort to maintain the Gallery and present to the community a diversity of art media and styles that enriches all of our lives and promotes creativity through Art!

Members of the Blue Whole Gallery

top left: Mary Franchini, Ken Dvorak, Bridget Baker, Katherine Loveland, Deborah Sterk, Barbara Boerigter, Carol Janda, Kathy Schreiner, Jan Tatom, Debbie Cain, Nancy Lawrence, Lynne Armstrong, Gregory Felando; from middle left; Karen Rozbicki Stringer, Margo Hankel, Joyce DeCastro Volmut, Steve Wry, Lizbeth Harper, Maryilynn Evans; front left:  Larry Barnes, Karin Anderson, Ryoko Toyama, David Tinsley, Lee Kierig. Missing from the photo: Carl Baker, Robert Bowling, Terry Grasteit, Virginia Jefferson - photo by Larry Barnes.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Artistic Works that become Visually Alive!

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Sculptural and Pictorial Artworks Revealing Individual Creativity

     On First Friday, May 6th, 2016 the Blue Whole Gallery will feature two artists who reflect sculptural and pictorial representations of the world around them.  Both artists approach their work differently due to the materials they use and yet they express their individuality in the works they create.  David Tinsley, a driftwood artist of exceptional skill is able to interpret emotions and actions into his sculptural work.  Margo Hankel a watercolor artist, reveals views of everyday  scenes, portraits and landscapes that are soft and delicate.  Their works will be on display at the Blue Whole Gallery on May 6th, from 5 to 8pm and throughout the month.  

David Tinsley
    David is a driftwood artist on a different level, he transforms pieces of driftwood into sculptural forms that express emotions or an interpretation that his mind has visualized in a three-dimensional form.  The artist selects each piece of driftwood for its suggestive shape and integrates it into a cohesive sculptural image showing the viewer a new and often surprising emotion.  The following examples reveal his creativity. 


"Ocean Glider"

"Silent Sobs"

    David Tinsley's love of the sea has found him chasing the waves as a surfer. This internal love of the ocean translates itself into sculptural themes using the gifts of driftwood from the Pacific Northwest Coastline. Such a love affair is seen below:


"One With The Ocean"

"The Struggle Within"

   David's expressive sculptured pieces reveal his personal and emotional approach and they have found their way into the Blue Whole Gallery.  To view these visit the Gallery and meet the artist and his work on First Friday May 6th from 5 to 8 pm and throughout the month.

Margo Hankel
     Margo uses watercolor as her medium of expression to capture the beauty of life in places, persons and nature.  Her paintings reflect a lifetime goal in appreciating the value of life and how finite time can be while capturing it at that very moment with simplicity and insight.  The following examples give us a view into her world.

"Live Oak"

     Margo shows how it is important to do what you love.  Her subject matter focuses on revealing personal feelings and emotions.  The latter is particularly true in her portraits below.

"Christman Kids"

"Mr. John Elliot"

    Watercolor is an art medium that requires great skill, practice and persistence to master its elements.  Margo uses it to capture the beauty of life that surrounds her.  Her subject matter varies from everyday scenes to the wildlife that share and live within our surroundings on the North Olympic Peninsula. 


    These selections of the art work by Margo Hankel give the viewer an open window into everyday life of a world that we often take for granted.  The times we are living in should be shared and so don't let this chance go by.  Visit the Blue Whole Gallery and be inspired by meeting the artist and her work featured on First Friday, May 6 from 5 to 8pm and throughout the month.

Both of these artists welcome your contact!

David Tinsley: at tinsleydavid1@gmail.
or Phone: 1-360-461-9600

Margo Hankel: at
or Phone: 1-360-452-5104

Friday, March 25, 2016

Artwork Challenging the Senses

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

A Visual Symphony 

     On First Friday, April 1, 2016 the Blue Whole Gallery will present an exhibit of artwork by two of its member artists, Bridget Baker and Karen Rozbicki Stringer.  Their work challenges the senses with compositions of imagination and feeling.  The result is a symphony of artwork combining meaningful experiences along with visual scenes based on observation and reflection. This is an invitation for the public to view and absorb different levels that each artist sees and tap into what life can offer to all of us without reservation. We invite everyone to an open reception at Blue Whole Gallery on Friday April 1, 2016 from 5 to 8pm to enjoy this array of visual experience.  

Bridget Baker
   Bridget is an abstract artist whose compositions evoke messages involving personal or familiar feelings that the viewer can discover in her artwork.   Not everything has to have a definition to be meaningful and the following sample works offer the viewer a chance to simply appreciate their beauty.  

"Sumac Shoals"


     As an artist, Bridget Baker uses mixed media such as acrylic, collage and watercolor to help her convey a complex idea or an abstract view.  That road can lead her onto various paths but her singular quest is to capture an original vision.

"Fracking the Dust Bowl"

   Share in Bridget Baker's challenging compositions that give the viewer the reward to wonder and come up with a personal meaningful interpretation of what they are seeing.  Meet the artist and examine and view her artwork by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday April 1, 2016 from 5 to 8 pm and throughout the month.  

 Karen Rozbicki Stringer
(Photo by Kip Tulin)

 Karen's passion is photography as a way of seeing and experiencing the world surrounding her.  She is presenting an exhibit entitled "Salish Sea Reveries:  Sequim-Dungeness" revealing images reflected in nature.  A simple driftwood log or a single bird or animal can be savored and saved in a single moment in time. 

"Center Stage"

"Change Is Coming"

    Using her skills along with observation, contemplation and reflection, Karen has the patience to savor that special moment in a scene or object in front of her camera.  Her images speak for themselves.

"Salish Sea Becalmed"

     Through Karen Rozbicki Stringer's photography the viewer deepens their awareness of what they are seeing and how the natural beauty of the Olympic Peninsula can be treasured.  Visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday April 1 from 5 to 8 pm in an open reception offered to all.  Meet Karen and share in her passion for her art that captures nature in a fleeting moment of time.

Both Artists Welcome Your Contact

Bridget Baker

Karen Rozbicki Stringer


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Recent Works by guest artist Mike McCollum

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Artwork that only ask Questions
Mike McCollum

     Mike McCollum born in Hoquiam, Washington, developed many of his artistic sensibilities from the San Francisco Bay Area.  He completed his MA and MFA degree at UC Berkeley and for 26 years was a professor of art at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  His academic career continued as dean of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.  Mike's artwork has been shown in many venues across the United States and received awards and grants.  He will exhibit his recent works from March 1 thru March 28 at the Blue Whole Gallery where on  First Friday March 4 a special opening reception from 5 to 8 pm will feature him and his artwork.  The public is invited and all are welcomed.  

  This showing will display Mike McCollum's recent wood and resin work consisting of large totems and a series of pyramids.  The totems are comprised of different panels of drawings and/or abstract color "paintings"His pyramids range in size from small to large.  Samples of these works are shown above and below.

   Along with these works, Mike will also present table tops and cabinets of wood with colored resin designs.  These pieces of furniture are made of hardwoods, drawn and painted elements, colored epoxy, found objects, hinges and casters.  He is interested in making cabinets whose lay out of drawers and hidden spaces are fascinating for their use as furniture.  This journey of exploration is clear in the following examples.  

Table Top

     Mike McCollum sees his artwork as encouraging the viewer to "ask questions" about the work they are seeing.  Yet the pieces do not answer any questions --- "they only ask them".  His art also engages him to "arrive at" as opposed to "aiming at" the essence on an idea.  His career has taken taken him into many mediums - bronze, ceramics, drawing, painting, print work and currently a fascination with wood.  

     The Blue Whole Gallery invites the public to meet Mike McCollum and view his artwork in an Opening Reception on March 4, from 5 to 8pm. at the Gallery and throughout the month.  

Additionally, the artist will give an 
Art Talk on his Recent Work 
which will take place on Wednesday
  March 16, 2016 at 6 pm at the Blue Whole Gallery  
129 Washington St. in Sequim, Washington.
This event is free to the public to promote the arts in our community.