Saturday, September 29, 2018

Special October Event at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening view at the Blue Whole Gallery

Mary Franchini & Lynne Armstrong

        Member artists Mary Franchini and Lynne Armstrong will present a combined creative offering in the windows of the Blue Whole Gallery for the month of October.   Wonderfully curated by a third member of their longtime Barn Sisterhood, Susan Gansert Shaw, Mary and Lynne sought a theme that would combine their different styles. What emerged? A whimsical, variously imagined group of paintings celebrating women and PINK!  This presentation takes place on First Friday October 5, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. at the Blue Whole Gallery. Examples follow:

"Tulips" by Mary Franchini
"Ode to the Square" by Mary Franchini

"Chloe cutting artichokes" by Lynne Armstrong

"Mud Pies" by Lynne Armstrong

"Viewing in Mid Value" by Mary Franchini

"Strait of Georgia" by Lynne Armstrong

        This eclectic show will feature figures, landscapes (imagined and real) and lots of hats.  The artists Mary & Lynne hope the public will enjoy their joyous take on life and share their desire to "THINK PINK!"

"Lady with Flower" by Mary Franchini
  The artists wish to take this opportunity to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Both Artists welcome your contact including interviews!

Mary Franchini
or phone: 360-681-0895

Lynne Armstrong
Phone: 360-775-4788

Saturday, September 1, 2018

A Change of Season at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening view at Blue Whole Gallery

Autumn Colors

    A change of season on the Olympic Peninsula is fast approaching and the Blue Whole Gallery will showcase two artists during the month of September that reflect those changes.  Debbie Cain carves and paints natural gourds depicting animals, nature and portraits embellished with pine needles, gemstones and fiber coiling which enrich her creations.  While Sally Cays is a realistic watercolor artist whose work reflects strong contrasts and colors depicting floral, still lifes, landscapes, portrait painting and wildlife.  Their work will be presented at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday September 7, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month

Debbie with Mckinley in her studio

     Debbie Cain selects and prepares gourds to become a canvas allowing her to carve, sketch and paint images on the surface of each gourd.  Using various stains, wood burning and dyes she creates images that have depth and visual beauty.  Examples follow. 

"Baby giraffe"

"Critter in the trees"

"Rainbow bowl"

"Butterfly Gourd"

     Debbie's gourd artwork reveals images that are varied and detailed.  Her works are organic sculptures that can be enjoyed and admired.  The Blue Whole Gallery urges you to explore this interesting art form and meet the artist and her art at the Gallery on First Friday September 7, from 5 to 8 pm.

Watercolor artist Sally Cays

     Sally Cays is primarily a self-taught artist as well as a workshop teacher.  Using techniques and practicing skills Sally creates visual and realistic images of individuals as well as views of nature and floral compositions.  Examples of her work follow.

"Yellow Rhody"

"Adam and Sprocket"


Sally Cays involvement into the Arts & the years of experience have allowed her to venture into diverse subject matter that challenges her.  Share in her quest to explore nature by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on September 7, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. and view her work throughout the month.  

Both Artists welcome your contact including interviews!

Debbie Cain

Sally Cays 
Phone: 350-460-1728

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Versatility in Art at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening view at Blue Whole Gallery

 Energy  &  Harmony

        Artistic exploration & experimentation will take center stage at the Blue Whole Gallery with the presentation of works by two fine artists, Carol Janda and Lucinda Hayes.  Carol with many years of artistic practice will exhibit a variety of paintings as well as 3 dimensional clay work of statues and vessels with diverse elements of nature.   Lucinda (whose sees) art as an adventure will display her paintings of horses as an expression of the power of freedom. 
        Both of these artists, reflecting the same interest, take different paths to express their point of view.  Meet them and share in their inspirations by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday, August 3rd from 5 to 8 p.m. or see their display throughout the month of August.

 Carol Janda is a multi-talented artist who focuses on learning about a place or topic in depth and then trying to recreate it.  Her immersion in art and years of experience allow her to share those skills and inspirations. Using art's tool of value, color, line, shape, direction, size and texture helps her to express the needs of a picture, or her hand built clay figures and molded forms that she creates as seen below.


A Full Kiln of ladies, birds and roses.


"Lavender Barn with an Olympic Mountain View"

     Carol is challenged by different art mediums and how they offer her diverse directions and approaches.  Her work has a singular perspective that comes from viewing the beauty that nature offers and how it can be revealed and portrayed. Her multi-directional approach brings out her diversity and creativity as seen below.

"Salmon cascade"

Bird Vase

     Carol Janda is a versatile artist working in both pictorial images and pottery in addition to teaching such skills to others. Share in Carol's involvement into the Arts by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday August 3rd from 5 to 8 pm where she and her work will be presented. 

     Lucinda Hayes sees Art as an adventure that allows her to use vibrant colors and dramatic light as well as soft subtle tones to reveal the character of a painting as well as tell a story.  Working in Mixed Media, Oils and Watercolors she captures the richness and beauty of nature and her subjects.  Her works have a quality of freshness, detail for commonplace objects and enthusiasm for life as seen below. 

"Bird of Paradise"

"First snow"

     Lucinda is able to capture in her work a quiet ethereal moment in nature and show a magical vision that is uniquely hers. Her artistic skills encompass wall murals, portraiture, animals and even trompe l'oeils yet she instills in each a personal feeling using dramatic light and color. Examples follow.

"Freedom 2"

"Freedom 1"

          Lucinda Hayes views Nature as a open door to invite the artist and the viewer to explore color, surface texture and mediums.  It is an 'adventure' into diversity allowing her to use varied applications and expand the realm of creativity.  Share in this vision by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday August 3, from 5 to 8 pm. and meet the artist and her artwork.

Both Artists welcome your contact including interviews!

Carol Janda
or Phone: 360-452-6356

Lucinda Hayes
or Phone: 760-519-5512

Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Trio of Artists at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening view at Blue Whole Gallery

Natural Fibers & Precious Stones

         Three artist members of the Blue Whole Gallery will be featured in the Gallery's windows on First Friday July 6, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month.  Terri Biondolino  a fiber artist will showcase her newest works encompassing the creations of various woodland creatures out of natural materials. While Macaria Patapoff and Kathy Schreiner, both jewelers, will exhibit their wearable pieces of art using various minerals and precious stones that reflect the beauty of Mother Nature.    
   The art work of these artists comprise multiple techniques of interpretations that result in one of kind items.  Meet them at the Gallery and share their passion in the realm of creativity. 

Terri Biondolino among her creations!

      "All Creatures Great & Small" is the title of Terri's  exhibit which represents her efforts in creating various creatures with the use of needle felting. The latter has been called "the art of a thousand pokes" and it applies, even more, when she sculpts 3D items from wool.  Using specialized notched needles of carbon steel and various fibers as her starting point, she begins a journey that involves the manipulation of wool or natural fibers to develop whatever is in her imagination. The results can be been below.

Giraffe Calf


     Terri Biondolino dyes and blends all of her fiber and molds her own resin and polymer clay pieces.  Working with wool and natural fibers has no limitations and leads itself to create woodland creatures, flowers as well as dragons and even caterpillars as seen below. 


Wood Duck


"Absolem of Alice in Wonderland"

Bright & Beautiful

Macaria Patapoff is a member of the Clallam County Gem & Mineral Association and her passion in jewelry is working as a silversmith, & creating wearable pieces of art that are one of a kind necklaces, rings and bracelets. Each work has its own unique character that makes it a work of art to be enjoyed and appreciated.  Examples follow.

Gift to Cleopatra

Turquoise Stones set in sterling silver

Fused Sterling Silver Bracelet

The Sphinx Moth

Kathy Schreiner also has the same dedication and interest in making jewelry.  As a member of the Clallam County Gem and Mineral Association she has learned lapidary skills in addition to wire wrapping and metal-smithing.  Her focus is to create jewelry from a variety of minerals and develop designs reflecting their uniqueness. Her objective is to show the beauty of Mother Nature without overwhelming the piece with decorative additions.   Examples follow:

Rhodochrosite wire wrapped in sterling silver

Natural Crystal Cross
Peach Pearl in silver necklace

Blue Dichroic glass set in Sterling silver

   Enjoy and appreciate the involvement as well as commitment that Terri Biondolino, Debbie Patapoff, and Kathy Schreiner have in their works of art.  Meet the artists and share in their inspirations in portraying creatures and presenting nature's elements as wearable art. Please visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday July 6, 2018 from 5 to 8pm and throughout the month.

Each artist welcomes your contact including interviews!

Terri Biondolino
Cell: 208-369-8097
Macaria D. Patapoff

Kathy Schreiner

The Artist Members at 
Blue Whole Gallery Wish You All a 
Happy 4th of July!!