Saturday, December 29, 2018

Juried Art Show at Blue Whole Gallery!

Blue Whole Gallery's
First Juried Show

     Fifty-nine local artists of the Olympic Peninsula area presented 145 artworks to the Blue Whole Gallery for a juried show during the month of December 2018. 
    Joyce Volmut, president of the gallery and coordinator of the show along with jurors Lynne Armstrong, Jeannine Chappell, Carol Janda and Karen Rozbicki Stringer selected 62 two-dimensional artworks that will be presented along with awards during the Gallery's Opening Reception on January 4, 2019 from 5 to 8 pm.  Below are sample of pieces to be shown. 

"Jazz Series II" by Jinx Bryant

"Centric I" by Gail Larson

"Key West" by Deborah Sterk

"Junkyard Dog" by Claude Manning

"Spring Tease" by Sharman Owings

All of the Member Artists
of the 
Blue Whole Gallery

Wish Everyone a Joyous & Healthful 
New Year!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Christmas Gala Party at Blue Whole Gallery!

Celebrating the Holiday Season
 at the
Blue Whole Gallery 

"Do you see what I see?"

      During this special time of the year family and friends gather together to celebrate the wonder and joy of the season.  This years Gallery's theme is inspired by the lyrics of a Christmas song, "Do you see what I see?" and asks the question how do you perceive art.    
     Art is in the eye of the beholder, tell us what you see by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery during its Gala Party celebrating the works of its member artists with festive food and refreshments.  
      An array of gifts and fine art will be on display starting November 23rd as well as on First Friday December 7, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. at the Gallery for all to see and enjoy throughout the month.  Examples follow. 

Hand Turned Wood Pedestals by Craig Williams

Gourd Art by Debbie Cain

"Discovery" digital art by Marilynn Evans

"The Chase" by Stacey Martin Lopez

"Little Lamb" by Priscilla Patterson

Happy Glass Plates by Kathy Schreiner

     Enjoy this time of year with works of art that will become treasured gifts by those who receive them. These items reflect the artist's creativity and imagination. Here are a few possible selections from the Gallery.

Crystalline Vase by Greg Felando

"Snowy Owl" by Jeannine Chappell

"Home Winter" by photographer Ken Dvorak

"Horse" watercolor by Nancy Delgado

"Old World Santa" by Terri Biondolino
   The Blue Whole Gallery is the home for quality art made locally and reveals the diversity and individualism of its member artists as displayed here.
Beaded necklace & earrings by Debbie Patapoff

"Morning has broken" painting by Nancy Alwin

American Kestrel by Joyce Volmut

"Weeping Cherry" painting by Ryoko Toyama

"Winter Shores" painting by Bridget Baker

Clay Sculptures by Nancy Lawrence

     The variety of art work at the Blue Whole Gallery during the Holiday Day Season will be the perfect gift for friend or love one.  Take the time and visit the Gallery  and celebrate with us on First Friday December 7th, 2018 form 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month.

The Blue Whole Gallery's Member Artists
wish everyone to share this special time with others and have  a
Happy Thanksgiving

Blue Whole Gallery 
2-D Artists Work for Juried Art Competition!


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Wildness & Realism at Blue Whole Gallery!!

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Sounds of Waves & Views of Realism

      Meet two dynamic member artists of the Blue Whole Gallery who will present their work on First First Friday November 2, 2018 that expands and explores the world surrounding us.
     The Gallery features Melanie Burns' art which is drawn to be bright with exciting colors depicting sunrises and captivating views both in acrylics and mosaics.  While Nancy Delgado's detailed realism in watercolor depicts images of real looking forms of life that reflect the peacefulness that the world needs to capture again. Both artists welcome your visit to the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday, November 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month.

     Melanie Burns is fascinated by capturing the wildness and the challenges that Nature shows when it reveals its excitement within natural elements.  Her work is vibrant and vivid as shown below.    

"Lake Reflection"

"Octopus's Garden"

"Peaceful Turbulent"

      Melanie is not restricted to just acrylics, she also explores the world of mosaics picturing images reflecting special places that nature occupies for those who care about a world that still remains beautiful and vibrant. 

     Artist Nancy Delgado has used many mediums from oils, pastels and acrylics but watercolor is her first choice in depicting "real looking" images of living forms of life.  Her work involves hours of detailed attention allowing the viewer to experience the image as real and inviting.  Samples follow:

"Still Life with Basket & Flowers"

"Evening at Realto Beach"

     Nancy loves the luminosity and immediacy that watercolor provides.   She is inspired to represent images in a realistic form which focuses on her detailed intensity to reflect the world and its uniqueness to be admired and appreciated.  Examples follow.

"Morning Sunrise"


    Fantastic examples of exciting art works await to be seen and enjoyed at the Blue Whole Gallery.  You are invited to the Gallery and begin the Holiday Season with the works of Melanie Burns and Nancy Delgado.  Their efforts reflect the season and the excitement that awaits us all during this special time of the year.  
     Meet these two artists and their work by visiting the Gallery on November 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. on First Friday Art Walk at the Blue Whole Gallery and see their  display throughout the month.

Both Artists welcome your contact including interviews!

Melanie Burns

Nancy Delgado
Phone: 360-582-6856

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Special October Event at Blue Whole Gallery!

Evening view at the Blue Whole Gallery

Mary Franchini & Lynne Armstrong

        Member artists Mary Franchini and Lynne Armstrong will present a combined creative offering in the windows of the Blue Whole Gallery for the month of October.   Wonderfully curated by a third member of their longtime Barn Sisterhood, Susan Gansert Shaw, Mary and Lynne sought a theme that would combine their different styles. What emerged? A whimsical, variously imagined group of paintings celebrating women and PINK!  This presentation takes place on First Friday October 5, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. at the Blue Whole Gallery. Examples follow:

"Tulips" by Mary Franchini
"Ode to the Square" by Mary Franchini

"Chloe cutting artichokes" by Lynne Armstrong

"Mud Pies" by Lynne Armstrong

"Viewing in Mid Value" by Mary Franchini

"Strait of Georgia" by Lynne Armstrong

        This eclectic show will feature figures, landscapes (imagined and real) and lots of hats.  The artists Mary & Lynne hope the public will enjoy their joyous take on life and share their desire to "THINK PINK!"

"Lady with Flower" by Mary Franchini
  The artists wish to take this opportunity to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Both Artists welcome your contact including interviews!

Mary Franchini
or phone: 360-681-0895

Lynne Armstrong
Phone: 360-775-4788