Friday, September 25, 2015

Guest Artist: Richard Jesse Watson

Evening view of the Blue Whole Gallery
    Richard Jesse Watson, author, versatile artist and nationally acclaimed illustrator of children's books will be the featured guest artist at the Blue Whole Gallery from October 2 to November 2, 2015.  His artwork will be displayed in the windows of the Gallery and he will be presented in an Opening Reception at the Blue Whole Gallery in Sequim, Washington on October 2, 2015 from 5 to 8 pm.

Richard Jesse Watson

    In Richard's own words, "I get lost in patterns and textures in art and nature".  Using this as his guide his artwork incorporates a variety of color along with a realistic style that incorporates feelings and mood in his compositions.  This artistic focus can be seen in the many illustrations he has created in children's books since 1984.
    Being a versatile artist Richard Jesse Watson is not afraid to explore different techniques that can enhance his color pallet and creative energy.  Experimenting and learning something new has inspired him to incorporate new digital and non digital methods.  The results of these explorations in art and the use of vibrant color and details of imagery are seen in the samples below. 


"1 Nooksack Salmon"

     Many of Richard Jesse Watson's works of art blend abstraction with realism but they also reveal drama and feelings within the subjects being portrayed.  These characteristics are clear in the following works;

"Children of the World"
"Romanian Girl"

     What an engaging world Richard Jesse Watson shows us in all its diversity and complex feelings and emotions.  It is a shared world in which you can see and take part in by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery to meet the artist and view his artwork in an opening reception on October 2, 2015 from 5 to 8 pm.  

 Besides the Opening Reception the following events will also be available to attend as well:

by Richard Jesse Watson
"Mining Realism, Fracking Abstraction:
Digging Deep with Art "
(Free to the public)
Wednesday - October 14 at 6 pm. 
at the Blue Whole Gallery 129 Washington St. Sequim

Two Day Painting Workshop 
"Building Drama into Your Compositions"
by Richard Jesse Watson
 October 24-25, 2015 Saturday & Sunday
at Guy Cole Center in Carrie Blake Park Sequim, WA.
To register visit 
(Cost:   $200 for the 2 days per person)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Harvest Season Close at Hand !

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Autumn Light  
Ushers in A Season of Color

    Harvest Season is fast approaching the Olympic Peninsula as the month of September begins bringing a burst of Autumn colors and textures. Celebrating this special time of the year the Blue Whole Gallery will showcase, in its spacious windows, the artwork of Ryoko Toyama and Debbie Cain.  
     A highly recognized local artist, Ryoko's paintings reflect her "active response to the world, past and present" and at the same time revealing her feelings and inner most thoughts.  While noted gourd artist Debbie explores art and its possibilities on a three dimensional level, by painting, carving and embellishing on natural gourds in place of paper or canvas.  Both artist's work will be featured at the Blue Whole Gallery starting on First Friday September 4th, from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month.

Ryoko Toyama
     Ryoko Toyama's creative inspirations come from the visible objects or concepts, animated or lifeless that make up this world.  From such a view point she develops paintings that often take on their own elements with unexpected changes and endings.  Those startling views can be seen in the following works whose vivid colors and movement reflect the unexpected and give a magical sense to their presence.

"Transparent Mother Earth"

"Moonlight Madness"

     Ryoko Toyama, being a multi-linguist and having a 40 year career in library science, she now focuses on making her artistic skills center stage in her life beside being a volunteer interpreter.  She has said that making art is "pure joy" where she has no inhibitions when she is painting. In her home studio she freely expresses her own feelings about the world and enjoys the precious time to think and feel about life itself.  These elements of freedom can be seen in the selections below.

"Cycled Cherished"

"Remember August"

"Reflection 1" - Acrylic (19x14)

     Working in watercolor, mixed media and acrylics, Ryoko delights in filling her paintings with brilliant colors, bold strokes of movement and fluidity in composition.  At the same time, she is not afraid to experiment with new surfaces such as hand-made paper, fabric, wood and metal to make the composition come alive.  Examples of that exploration are seen below.

"Freshwater Bay 3"

"Our Valley 1-2"  (diptych)

   Give yourself an artistic adventure and view the selections of paintings by Ryoko Toyama by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery.  Meet the artist who invites you to share her freedom of expression on First Friday September 4th from 5 to 8 pm.   Also, Ryoko's art work will be featured throughout the month.

Debbie Cain

     Debbie Cain uses her skills as sculptor and painter to portray images of nature on the simplest of natural forms, the gourd.  Turning her studio into a storage area for all the different shapes that gourds form and then preparing them like a canvas to be transformed into a medium of art.   
     One of mankind's earliest domesticated type of plant, the gourd can be archaeologically traced back as early as 13,000 BC.  Through the ages the simple gourd has served as tools, ornaments, musical instruments, containers and an object for creative expression.  
     Debbie begins by using the smooth, three-dimensional surfaces of gourds to sculpt images, cutting away portions of the gourd, and leaving outlines of shapes and designs.  The following are examples of those skills.

Gourd Sampler

Autumn Candle

    Besides carving Debbie also paints, and wood burns designs that are colored with stains or dyes giving her images depth and visual reality.    
    In her studio she considers each piece of work as a challenge to create what best suits the shape and form she is working on.   The results are a kaleidoscope of subjects from simple leaves to detailed images of wolves, birds and even sea animals.  This can be seen in the turtle jar and the "Thunder Drum" below which becomes a sounding board when its wire is pulled and let go.


Sea Turtle Jar

A Thunder Drum picturing an Owl

  To enhance the overall effect Debbie Cain embellishes them with natural pine needles, gemstones, glass and fiber coiling. She also takes great inspiration from southwest American Indian motifs and subjects as the following examples show. 

Gourd 1

Kochina Doll

Fancypants Doll

    To truly enjoy and admire the creative expressiveness in Debbie Cain's gourd artwork you must view them individually.  That opportunity is offered by visiting the Blue Whole Gallery to meet Debbie along with her creations on First Friday September 4th from 5 to 8 pm. Also, her gourd artwork will be showcased and featured throughout the month.

Both Artists welcome your contact.

Ryoko Toyama:  at 1-360-681-6033
                              Blue Whole Gallery

Debbie Cain: at
or Phone: 1-360-801-6570

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Artistic Expressions derived from Nature

Evening View of Blue Whole Gallery

Innovation & Imagination

     During the month of August the Blue Whole Gallery will introduce two versatile artists who are inspired by nature as a driving force behind their artistic work.  Pam Walker, an innovative artist in pastel, photography, & mixed media whose work evokes the variety and serenity found in nature; and Steve Wry an imaginative artist using clay to shape creatures inspired by the sea, mountains and woods or that spirit which maybe hidden in them.  The Gallery is proud to feature their work and to share their inspiration with others on First Friday August 7th, 2015 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month.

Innovations by Pam Walker

     Pam's work is indicative of her love of nature.  Using pastels and photography or combining the two, she explores the sensitive elements of color or shape making up the natural world.  She feels that capturing the beauty of natural vistas or the delicate patterns of creation she can share her view with others.  Below are examples of her efforts.

"Sun Set Photo"

Landscape Painting

"Where Does Your Garden Grow"

     Also, Pam is known for her pigment transfer photography where the delicate surface of the photo pigments are transferred to various surfaces such as paper or copper.  She uses both film and digital formats; as well as medium formats in order to find a connection with each subject being created.  Her skills can be seen in the selection "Midnight Light" which shows a rocky seashore view outside a framed window broken due to a recent storm. The brightly colored sky are a startling backdrop to the rocky shoreline. 

"Midnight Light"

     Pam is not afraid of innovations. She makes a considerable effort to go outside the "Box" and examine the world of mixed media. This can be see in the following two examples.  

"Mixed media 1"

"Mixed media 2"

     An extraordinary and varied selection of artwork awaits the viewer to challenge and delight the senses.  Take advantage and explore these innovations and views that Pam Walker would like to share with you.  Visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday August 7th from 5 to 8 pm. and meet the artist and her artwork.

The Imaginative World of Steve Wry

     Steve Wry is an artist known for an imaginative mind-set especially when it comes to creating clay creatures. Steve is stimulated by the natural world and the possibilities of what may be hidden within the woods, mountains and seas. Using his hands he forms and shapes each piece so that they take on their own personalities which often harbor elements of whimsy or a serious nature.  Below are examples of his creativity.

"Feed Me, Please"

"Zooey & Ladybug"

"Old Sol"

   Working with low fire clay, glazes and acrylics and using various techniques which include throwing, hand building, and coiling helps Steve to create an imaginative array of characters.  To complete their creation Steve uses Raku, soda firings, pits firings as well as gas and electrical firings or a combination of all three.  Here are some of the results.

"Irving, the red headed stepchild"

"Guarding the Pot of Gold"
    Human imagination is rarely as varied and diverse as it is with the ceramic work by Steve Wry.  The array of creatures with their own personalities brings out laughter as well as seriousness as they exhibit the wit of the artist who created them.  Visit the Blue Whole Gallery and enjoy this artwork that will be featured and meet Steve on First Friday August 7th from 5 to 8 pm. Also, view his efforts throughout the month.  

I'm praying that the Force will be with you Steve & Pam !
"Meditating Gnome" by Steve Wry

     Both Artists, Pam Walker and Steve Wry will be present at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday August 7th from 5 to 8 pm. Come share and explore their innovative and imaginative efforts in making art approachable.   

Both Artists welcome your contact.

Pam Walker: at

Steve Wry: at

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Transformation into Art

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery
Found Objects & Wood into Art

     During the month of July the Blue Whole Gallery will feature three artist members whose work transforms everyday objects and the elements of natural wood into art that has meaning and beauty within itself. First and foremost they are "One for all and all for One" as they seek in their own individual way the creative and natural expression of their view of life.
     Who are they?  First:  Robert "Bud" Bowling a mixed media artist who strives to use natural and found objects to convey meaning and relate to people that everyday objects have a story to tell.  Second:  Carl Baker transforms wood into objects of artistic expression, revealing colors, intricate patterns & shapes. He captures the natural edge of burl, at the same time releasing the beauty & potential within the wood's hidden soul. Third:  Christian M. Speidel whose wood work focuses on animal caricatures and realistic birds in flight, or human torsos that show the inner beauty and instinctive allure of wood's natural grain, movement, and color.

Robert "Bud" Bowling
   In Robert's words " I strive to use natural and found objects in my work and enjoy the challenge of combining texture along with various mediums for embellishments.  From concept to construction I find satisfaction in being a part of creative transformation."  Along with this effort by Robert, he also tells a story within his assemblages that relate to the theme being viewed.  This can be seen in the following examples of his work:

"Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall" 

"No Strings Attached"


     Turning wood for Carl Baker is a means of artistic expression and a passion to reveal wood's colors and shapes capturing the natural edge of a burl or the intricate patterns found within the wood itself. But Carl goes a step further by turning wood into an artistic piece that is so evenly thin and delicate it can be admired for its nature and lightness even more. Carl pushes the envelope and excels in exploring the woods inner soul releasing its potential beauty.  It becomes a work to be enjoyed by touch and sight.  Carl has truly turned wood into works of art.  This can be seen in the following pieces.

"Nesting Bowls"

"Eagles Nest"

"Shore Line Head Trip"

   Christian M. Speidel, a native of Wisconsin, works with indigenous woods and exotic timber species bringing out the special characteristics that wood, as nature's living canvas, can only show.  
  Christian's woodworking skills create three-dimensional works of art using lathe turnings and sculpting techniques to bring out the inner beauty that each piece conceals within itself.  His work includes fine wood vessels, bowls and sculptured pieces that are turned on the lathe or hand carved.  Such skills help him to explore and express the natural warmth and grain of wood in a unique manner.  The scope of his art work includes animal caricatures to human torsos revealing the inner beauty and internal elements that wood grains reflect in both color & movement.  Below are examples of his work. 

"Leap 1"

"Our Lady of the Wood"

"Art of the Hunt"

     The work of these three artists can be viewed and enjoyed on July 3, 2015 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month at the Blue Whole Gallery where their creative efforts will be on display in the Gallery's windows.  Take advantage of this array of diversity and see how everyday objects and natural wood are transformed into works of extraordinary beauty of shape, form and construction.

     All three artists, Robert "Bud" Bowling, Carl Baker and Christian M. Speidel will be present along with their art work at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday, July 3, 2015 from 5 to 8 p.m.

They welcome your contact:

Robert "Bud" Bowling: Phone: 360-808-1645 

Carl Baker: at
or cell phone: (360)-731-9279

Christian M. Speidel: at CSPEIDEL@COX.NET
or Phone: (360)-457-6401

Wishing you all a very  
Happy 4th of July