Friday, January 26, 2018

The Flight of Birds at Blue Whole Gallery

Evening View of the Blue Whole Gallery

Grace, Beauty & Attitude
of Birds
     Blue Whole Gallery will present two feature artists whose skills in rendering images of birds and animals differ widely due to their methods and materials. Jeannine Chappell is an accomplished drawer and painter who incorporates a computer and software to reveal how fascinating birds are in communicating their beauty and power.  While Joyce DeCastro Volmut uses her wood carving skills to show life-like realism of birds and animals exemplifying their character.  Both artists have years of experience and their works will be showcased at the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday February 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month.

"Barn Owl" by Jeannine Chappell

Detail view of Barn Owl
  Jeannine Chappell's unique artistic style combines her drawing talents & imagination to portray the strength and individuality that birds and animals have in the Natural World. She finds these subjects compelling as well as fascinating as she draws them and then isolated the image in order to darken, lighten and create different backgrounds into her final composition.

"Boreal Owl" by Jeannine Chappell

     Jeannine's artwork incorporates the use of watercolor, pencils, pastels, etc. along with the computer to facilitate her various talents and skills in creating images that she envisions.  The results are three-dimensional in quality on the subject shown along with the details found in the background along with natural elements in Nature.

Demoiselle Crane by Jeannine Chappell

     Share in Jeannine Chappell's vision of the qualities found in the birds and animals that share and enrich our world.  Each of her high-quality signed prints are individually matted and framed and will be presented a the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday February 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm.  Meet the artist, her work and enjoy her creativity.   

Joyce DeCastro Volmut values the essence and qualities found in birds and animals.  She takes pleasure in showing in her wood carvings the realistic manner, or facial expression that birds portray in the natural world.  She particularly tries to reveal their grace, beauty and demeanor which characterizes their personality.  These qualities can be seen in Joyce's carving of a Barn Owl below:

"Barn Owl" by Joyce DeCastro Volumt

Detail View of the Barn Owl

     Joyce's favorite wood is basswood which allows her to carve elements into her subject that capture their positions and manners reflecting their characteristics and thus give a realistic portrayal of the bird or animal.  These carved and painted life-like creations are examples of Joyce's skills and her interest in ornithology.   Samples of her work follow:

"Dawn, morning dove" by Joyce DeCastro Volmut

"Oh Beautiful, American Bald Eagle" by Joyce DeCastro Volmut
            The art of wood carving can be quite daunting at times for Joyce DeCastro Volmut but the challenge is always rewarding.  She is forever in awe of the grace, beauty and attitude of birds.  Enjoy this special vision and visit the Blue Whole Gallery on First Friday February 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 pm.   Meet Joyce and take the time to appreciate her carvings/paintings of the wildlife that surrounds us.

Both Artists welcome your contact including interviews.

Jeannine Chappell
Phone: 510-206-7992

Joyce DeCastro Volmut
Phone: 785-554-6379

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