Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Natural World is the Artist's Realm

Evening view of the Blue Gallery

 Summer Splendor
Deer among Lupin
Wildflowers on Hurricane Ridge

 Hurricane Ridge

   With the beginning of August, the days of Summer are full upon us and the beauty of Nature extends itself to show the artist its many textures, colors, fragrances and sounds that make up our world around us. This dazzling stage is captured by two featured artists of the Blue Whole Gallery, Pam Walker and David C. Willis.  Both endeavor to reveal their love of nature and the surprises that Summer offers us all.  Such a setting will be on view in the Gallery's display windows starting on 1st Friday, August 1st, and throughout the month. Expand your days of Summer by visiting the Gallery and viewing the fine works of art that will be on displayed for all to wonder and enjoy.  Here is a sample of the works by both artists.

Pam Walker


"Maine Colors"
   A northwest artist that loves the out of doors and for obvious reasons. Her artwork reflects her desire to capture natures diversity, in wildlife, shapes and color.  Working in pastels, photographs, fabric and photo transfers she seeks out the essence of nature among the myriad of subjects that make up our living world.  These elements are seen in the following examples created by Pam. 

"On the Wings of the Dawn"
  Pam is known for her pigment transfer photographs where the delicate surface of the photo pigment is transferred to various surfaces such as clear vellum or copper.  With this technique shares her view of scenes found in nature so that others can enjoy the splendor of those images.



"Moon Drops over Red Rocks" (pastel)
   You can readily see that Pam does accomplish what she sets out to do as viewed in the art works above.  Yet she also avidly works in pastels to focus on the subject pictured.

   To reveal the power and majesty that we all can enjoy, Pam Walker gives us that view by capturing a dynamic action of the moment to bring out the stately beauty that passes so quickly in time.  This is so apply seen in the following images.

"Where Desert touches Ocean"

 "One Ray" 

"Delicate Arch at Sunset"

 To see these examples of the Pam Walker's elegant photographic artwork and pastels please visit the Blue Whole Gallery on 1st Friday, August 1st, 2014 from 5 to 8 pm. and throughout the month. Avail yourself of the visual world that Pam so admires and wants to share with you. 

David C. Willis

David in his garden
  A versatile artist who explores nature with different approaches and mediums.  The results of David's art work are both abstract and realistic reflecting the diversity of the natural world. With Summer time in Sequim, David is fascinated by the splendor of colors, fragrance and textures surrounding him in his garden on the Olympic Peninsula.  So it is no surprise that he eagerly wants to share with you what Summer has to offer.  Using his art skill he has taken his brushes and canvas outside to paint what he sees so that others can enjoy his love affair with art and nature.  Here are examples of his art work:


    David was raised in the Philadelphia area and studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  He then took advantage of opportunities to apprentice with a master craftsman builder and an historical restoration expert where he was trained in the fine art of furniture making and finishing.  Thus, when he is not outside painting or gardening, David uses his time to make furniture, picture frames and even volunteers designing and building live theater sets. These activities give David a chance to widen his artistic interests and expand into photography . 
Pumpkins from the garden
Thorns on a branch

Onion tops

  Versatility, experience, and a love of art are those qualities that make up the artist David C. Willis.  He welcomes you to view his efforts in revealing the splendor of summer with all its abundance of textures, shapes, & colors. See his art work showcased at the Blue Whole Gallery on the First Friday of  August 1st, 2014 from 5 to 8 pm and throughout the month.

 Extend the days of Summer and come visit the Gallery to delight your eyes with the paintings of David C. Willis & the photo art of Pam Walker.  

Both Artists welcome your contact.

Pam Walker: at

David C. Willis:  at

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  1. Both of these artists are outstanding! Pam Walker's photo transfers are both elegant and intriguing. I love the way Dave Willis has been exploring hearts and valentines since his marriage many, many years ago. Dave's work is extremely versatile and always fresh. Great show!